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Riddles E-juices is one of the biggest names in the vaping industry in Malaysia. Their quality E-Liquid collection is made from the high standard ingredients and is getting enormously popular. This new line of vape juices come in exotic and super smooth flavours. With 80/20% VG/PG blend, they are perfect for sub-ohm vaping.

Riddles E-Liquids are perhaps the highest selling brand in Malaysia. The reason behind this is that they offer really unique flavours. Once your taste buds get the flavour of their incredible products, you will definitely come back for more.


Following are some of the famous products of this brand all around the world.


Get ready as we bring you the great Bubblemint vaping flavour by Riddles & Co. This exceptional vape flavour stands on its own due to its high-quality taste and clouds. The flavour taste is exactly like a riddle as it keeps you guessing the whole time. Uplifting minty taste embarked with refreshing chewing gum flavour makes it extra delightful. A slight touch of icy goodness adds up to the flavour of this vape.

The Riddles E-Liquids allows its user to experience the flavour of all of its ingredients. The perfect blend of the flavours provides an amazing taste of mint and bubble gum


This E-Liquid is a flawless blend of black currants and spearmints. Inhalation gives you a great flavour of black currants and while exhaling, you get the refreshing goodness of spearmints with an icy blast. This vape flavour is perfect for a hot sunny day and will blow your taste buds away.

These superb E-Liquids mostly come in 50ml bottles. In addition to that, these products have a perfect blend of flavours as a result of which you can enjoy the ultimate and tempting taste of your e juice. These flavours are available without Nicotine boosters. Therefore, if you want your vape to be mild or hard you can buy extra shots and use them with your favourite E-Liquid flavour

So pick out your preferred flavour from our online vape store and get a chance to try the best Riddles E-liquids. You are at the right place if you want the premium class and flavours of vaping liquids in an affordable price range.

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