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Pancake Man

We are bringing you the ultimate vaping flavour Pancake Man Lit by Vape Breakfast Classics. This extremely outstanding vape flavour stands on its own due to high-quality taste. The flavour taste is exactly as the name sounds. Creamy, buttery and fluffy pancake taste with a hint of strawberry topping embarked with whipped cream makes it extremely delicious. Extra dipped pancake in the maple syrup ads more charm to the taste of this vaping flavour.

The Pancake Man Lit allows its user to experience the taste of all of the ingredients included in it. The perfect composition of the e juice provides the surprising taste of butter, pancakes, maple syrup and also up to the strawberries and the whipped cream.

The Vape Breakfast classics have made this flavour with lots of precision. If you like pancakes then you are definitely going to love this masterpiece.

The Pancake Man Vape Juice is available in 80/20 VG/PG which is the reason it provides thick and smooth clouds. Due to the smoothness intake of this vape is delicious and it is perfect for the all-day vape. The inhale as well as exhale of this flavour is extremely balanced and mouth-watering.

This tremendous vape is available in 50 ML bottle with 0Mg nicotine shots. So whether or not you have ever experienced this delicious vaping Pancake Man is a must to taste vaping flavour.

Now you can get this vaping flavour along with lots of other brands only on over web store. Just select the flavour that you like the most and we will bring them in the variety of combinations.

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